Passion fruit curd

buy modafinil provigil uk IMG_7837 Guys, let me introduce you super delicious passion fruit curd! Pavlova dessert, pancakes for breakfast, macaroons cookies or just fresh toast with passion fruit curd will make you happy!








  • passion fruit pulp – ½ cup (6-8 fruits)
  • egg yolks – 5
  • sugar – 2 tbs
  • unsalted butter, softened  – 1tbs


Put the seeded pulp of the passion fruit into the strainer and strain into a bowl, press it by table spoon.

1/3 part of seeds put back to passion fruit puree.

Yolks, sugar and passion fruit puree mix together in a bowl over a low heat and stir continuously with a wooden spoon for around 15 minutes, until thick, then remove from the heat and whisk in the butter.  Ladle the curd into a clean jar or container, and refrigerate until chilled. . Keep in the fridge.


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